Alltid fri frakt & 30 dagar fri retur

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A bag you can carry throughout life

Our bags are defined by why and how they are made – with natural materials, classic design, authentic craftsmanship, ancient traditions and patience. We care for both the planet and the people making our bags. Every detail is hand crafted to last beautifully for generations to come.


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Timeless design and quality made with tradition and pride

We’re 35 individuals in the Sandlund/Hossain team. Our co-workers, colleagues and friends are our greatest assets, so we make sure to take care of each other. In our studio, every member of staff have proper salaries, paid vacation, sick leave and a savings program. But the most important and valuable aspect is our friendly and caring culture.


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When you buy a bag, we donate cows to families in need

This is Rita, she received a calf thru the Cow Funder Initiative. So your contribution, buying a bag, will reach another family, paying it forward. With our social innovation project the Cow Funder Initiative we want to showcase a revolutionary new way of making leather goods – with a long-term positive outcome for all. 


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Over borders and generations since 1899

Sandlund/Hossain was founded in 2016 by us, Anders Sandlund and Tulin Hossain. We got to know each other way back, thanks to our parents.  Both of us come from small villages with rather uncompromising yet practical people – Bagatipara in Bangladesh and Böle in Sweden. In 1899, Anders grandfathers father founded Böle Tannery, a family business that’s been up n’ running for four generations now.

Back in the 70’s Anders’ parents, Inger and Jan, left Sweden for volunteer work with NGO The Swallows in Bangladesh. One of the assignments was to develop and help raise the leather sector. Here’s where they met Tulin’s parents, Atiq and Dolly, becoming best friends and co-workers.

Today, Sandlund/Hossain springs from the heritage and techniques of the tannery in Böle. But most importantly, we carry along our parents’ thoughts on social development and the importance of caring for each other.