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We want to discover, improve and contribute to new ways to consume, that comes with with a long-term positive outcome – in every way possible. The Cow Funder Initiative is the first step towards that. Hopefully, the initiative can serve as an inspiration to others – especially in the leather and fashion industry. 

During 2018 we raised 831 437 sek and will reach 288 families with a cow. Now we want to reach more.

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How it works:

1) For every bag we sell, we donate money to our Cow Funder Initiative.

2) Once a year, we buy calves for the money we’ve raised through the initiative, and hand them out to struggling families in rural Bangladesh. It’s simple: the more bags we sell, the more families we’re able to help. 

3) During lifetime of the cow, we support the families with education and veterinarians – to raise a happy and healthy cow.

4) At the end of the cow’s life, the family get an income from the meat, and we get a traceable well-kept raw hide that we will later turn into leather.

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The power of a cow

Just one cow can be the difference between barely getting by and enjoying a decent everyday life for a struggling family in Bangladesh. But also recognition, dignity and self-empowerment. The family can earn up to a year’s income from the meat, enabling whole new possibilities. Such as:

– Sending kids to school
– Visiting the doctor/getting medical care
– Building a better water well
– … or reinvesting in a new cow

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Our long term goal - to improve an industry

The Cow Funder Initiative är ett första steg mot att etablera vår egen helintegrerade och transparenta tillverkningskedja – från råmaterial till färdig väska. Genom vårt initiativ kommer vi i framtiden få tillgång till spårbara skinn från kossor som levt ett bra liv hos familjer. Vi har även börjat bygga vårt eget garveri, där vi kommer göra vårt läder.
Genom att ta ansvar genom hela kedjan vill vi förbättra och inspirera en industri. Även om vi precis har startat vårt initiativ är vår målsättningen att allt läder i våra väskor ska tillverkas på detta sätt i framtiden.