Alltid fri frakt & 30 dagar fri retur

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Quality leather and timeless design

All leather in our bags is vegetable tanned and full-grain. The hides are neither sanded nor buffed to removeimperfections on the surface. By keeping the grain natural, the fiber strength and durability is preserved. And most important, your bag will become even more beautiful with time.

We make our own leather today by renting space in an existing tannery, located in Bangladesh. The cows come from different areas of Bangladesh, primarily from individual families. In general, a cow is a highly valuable asset for a family in Bangladesh and is well taken care of. However, our project and mission Cow Funder Initiative is aiming to increase transparency, as we believe it can be improved.

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The story of our signature lining

Our lining is made from ecological cotton, which is produced organically without any pesticides and chemical fertilisers. The yarn is weaved by hand and dyed with vegetable dye. It is custom-made by the Thanapara Swallows Development Society, a women’s cooperative Located nearby our home village of Bagatipara. Their vision is to establish a democratic society by im-proving socio-economic conditions for the poor.

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Zip it

Since we put so much effort into making our bags, it would be a shame if the zippers broke. That’s why we use the best, YKK Excella high-end quality metal zippers with polished symmetri-cal teeth. They are manufactured with upmost care; with the application of single preformatted elements to the tape one by one, it guarantees perfect movement of the slider on the chain and is extremely soft to the touch.

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Made by hand, for you